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      Dear Valued Customer:

      Before making any purchase of Alwan Shisha, Khalil Mamoon and Wood Hookah, please note that they are beautiful hand crafted Shisha.

      Please note colors and vase designs may vary from the pictures. The expert artisans invest lot of time and effort to ensure that the Shisha are made with authentic details. They are hand-made by professionals who bend, shape, and hand tap, design the metal work out of flat sheets of steel using hand tools. As a result, a perfectly finished stem is non-existent. In other words, it is normal to see weld marks, minor scuffs and scratches on the stem.

      The hookah are hand painted without a clear coat and may have some chip paints. If you are looking for a hookah with a perfect machine crafted finish, then hand make hookahs are not for you. We would recommend machine made hookah like MYA or Aeon Shisha. The paints on the glass are done by different artisans and so it is possible that one hookah may look very different from another. It is also normal to find small inconsistencies in the applied design since they are not applied through silkscreen or heat transfer methods.

      The clay bowls provided are of a large size and due to its density they allow good heat transfer. Although these bowls are highly effective they may have some imperfections due to their hand-made nature.

      Our hoses provide great pull and are aesthetically beautiful. You may also notice some excess glue where different parts of the hose are glued together. This is absolutely normal and does not affect the smoke in any way.

      Our hookahs do not come fitted. We fit them ourselves since the fitting is never consistent straight from the factory. Our staff works hard to ensure a proper fit for your hookah. Since the glass is made by hand, it is almost impossible to have a consistent fit from one glass to another. However, it is important to note that having a hand made hookah is a matter of culture and tradition.

      Having said the above, we can vouch that the hand made Shisha are authentic and give you an exotic shisha experience. 

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