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      Cosmo Bowl

      Cosmo Bowl

      Art: Multi-hole bowl

      Country of manufacture: Russia

      Capacity: 13-16g

      How is the Cosmo Bowl made?

      The Cosmo  - is handmade in Russia. The manufacturing process ensures high quality and durability of the bowl.

      What makes the Cosmo  bowl so special?

      The Cosmo glass - Turkish bowl stands out for its high firing temperature of 1100 degrees. The clay from which the bowl is made ensures optimal heat distribution and a long smoking time. In addition, the multi-hole bowl is ideal for intense smoke development.

      How much tobacco does the Cosmo glass consume?

      The Cosmo glass - Turkish has a capacity of 18-22g of tobacco. This allows you to enjoy a longer smoking 

       approx. 8.5cm
      Width: approx. 6.8cm

      Note: Due to the handmade manufacturing process, the bowls may slightly differ in shape and color from the product image. Bleeding of the bowl cannot be completely prevented either. Therefore, these reasons do not constitute grounds for complaint!

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