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      Moze Epos Phunnel Bowl

      The first Moze bowls are called Epos. From the beginning of the development of the bowls, it was important to us that the design differs from other bowls. This has been completely achieved with the shape. Upon closer inspection of the bowl, you may recognize the shape. In addition, the Epos Phunnels have an all-over glaze, which not only creates a nicer look but also adds a qualitative value.

      The glaze prevents the molasses from penetrating into the clay. In addition, in combination with the Phunnel construction, optimal use of the tobacco and molasses is ensured.

      Furthermore, the Moze Epos Phunnels come in 2 different glaze variants. On the one hand, there are the Plain models, which are glazed in a single color, and on the other hand, there are the Two Tone models, which, as the name suggests, consist of a color combination of 2 different colors. The models do not differ in quality.

      Model: Epos Phunnel Plain
      Colorway: Black Matte

      approx. 9.9cm
      Width: approx. 7.6cm
      Depth height: approx. 0.9cm

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